Brief Overview of Marketing Strategy

1  Website Creation
A professionally created web design (upscale of this site) incorporating a professionally done video showing assembly in time lapse such as This Time Lapsed assembly video Highlighting the many features and advantages of our design over any other greenhouse domes on the market.

2  Search Engine Submission
The main website will be coded to optimize positioning based on keyword traffic analysis.   Additional keyword domains will then be coded individually to provide alternate mirror sites for the various key word terms to maximize targeted traffic seeking greenhouse solutions.

3  YouTube Videos
Youtube videos showing the advantages of our unique design

4  Social Networking
We have already created some facebook pages with thousands of like-minded individuals to share in posts regarding this food growing solution

5  Google Ad words pay per click
Specific keyword searches will be displayed on related searches to add to the traffic

6  Banner Advertisement on select websites
A list of potential sites which draws the correct audience with pricing will be compiled and determined.

7  Internet Radio and video Shows
From coast to coast am and a long list of alternative internet media shows that I have previously been on that would welcome this subject

8  Broadcast Television
Green subjects are hot for local TV stations to cover

9  Magazine Ads
Dome Times magazine has offer to put an ad for free and a number of other related publications we can place a small ad with the web address for more info

10  Reseller marketing who has thousands of customers is excited to offer our greenhouse domes to their customer base as I am sure the other non-competitor dome manufacturers may be as well.   Then there are many greenhouse distributors across the web who would want to carry our unique product as well.  The advantage here is that each have customer list which they handle and do all of the marketing for us and we can drop ship to the customer after receiving our wholesale payment from them.

Product name / Domain name options
These are domain names we currently own and can use as an alternative to "Food Biosphere"

Product Names Domain Names
Food Biosphere
Food Biodome
The Food Dome
Gro Domes

Search Engine Placement

Utilizing resources for the latest strategies in SEO positioning it should not be difficult to command the top positions in major engines such as Google etc.   This is not a highly competitive placement compared to our many years in positioning companies that were extremely competitive into first positions.   SEO placement will address those thousands of users searching for this type of product.

Google Analytics Keyword Traffic Analysis
Source Reference:

For example the number of people a month at the start of 2013 that type in the word “greenhouse” globally is approximately 2,240,000 and 1,000,000 locally in the US and the competition is 0.5 which is not high and only medium.      Beside search engine positioning which will be done in-house at no cost, Google Ad words provide traffic on a CPC (cost per click) basis as another avenue to bring in relevant targeted marketing.

Google Pay Per Click 2014 Analysis of top keywords

Target PPC Keywords for the greatest amount of relevant traffic would be "greenhouses" and "greenhouse".


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