Why is a geodesic greenhouse product a solution for today?

Efficient use of energy and materials
A structure that is spherical uses the least amount of energy and materials. This type of structure conserves energy for heating and cooling because there is one-third less surface area in the walls and ceilings, as compared to square-shaped structures. Also, less heat is lost because the foundation of a dome has a smaller perimeter than box-style structures. Because of the spherical shape of the dome, air circulates naturally inside and this adds to energy efficiency.

The enduring nature of the geodesic dome
The geodesic dome is able to withstand a great deal of stress because all points of the structure share stress equally. When interconnected triangles are set in a spherical shape, the structure is inherently stable. Dome structures are not affected by the elements and hold up under the pressure of extreme high winds and heavy rains, snowstorms, and earthquakes.

Why a greenhouse versus an outdoor garden?

Year round growing
Sheltered from contamination from toxic rain fall
Keeps out food raiding/destroying pests
Some soils in backyard environments are toxic


• Fast Assembly
No wooden rib system required, panels quickly and easily connect together with minimum hardware.

• Greater Insulation
Panel interior and exterior surfaces provide far greater than 25 times the typical R-value.

• Greater Light Transmission
98% vs 80% with a translucent acrylic polycarbonate non toxic material. (98.2 transmission 97.9 diffusion)

• Built-in Thermal Mass Storage
The entire base structure is filled with water to buffer temperature extremes.

• Circular Air Flow
Unlike rectangular or square structures the dome allows a continuous circular air flow which is important to plants.

• Strength
Geodesic geometry with materials stronger than steel per weight to handle extreme winds and snow load.

• Stable yet Portable
When the base sections are filled with water the extreme weight of the water anchors the dome to prevent any movement in extreme winds. Once emptied, the dome can be disassembled and moved as easily as it was assembled, which qualifies in many areas to not require a building permit for the structure.

• Natural nontoxic sustainable materials
Hemp Adobe©™ a 100% renewable recyclable resource from hemp to provide a high strength nontoxic material to humans and plants that is fire, water, mold and pest proof (i.e. termites) supporting a sustainable future environment and saving our trees.

• Appearance
The Food Biosphere is without a doubt the “Jewel” of all greenhouses with its translucent appearance and harmonious geometry.

• Complete Kit
No need to pay for anything extra, everything needed is included.


"A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist."

R. Buckminster Fuller



Food Biosphere Materials

The structural framework of the food biosphere is made from a new advanced building material reflecting today’s advances in 3D fabrication and aerospace molding techniques.  This material is called Hemp Adobe©™ and is a 100% renewable natural recyclable resource. Hemp Adobe©™ is chosen not only to achieve a better sustainable future but also as a superior greenhouse construction material offering the benefits of being fire proof, water proof, mold proof, pest proof (i.e. termites) and completely nontoxic to humans and plants with no toxic out gassing.

Why Hemp Adobe©™ Functionally

Hemp Adobe©™ is a Proprietary Mix of; Refractories, “Mineral Dust”, Natural Fibers, Sand and Water.  The advantage to using this mix is there is no toxic off-gas from casting the materials to the finished product.  Its primary function is to gather or sequester carbon dioxide from the environment as a part of the curing process and then forming into a strong petrified state.

Hemp Adobe is 60% of the weight of conventional concrete. The strength of this material eliminates the need for any reinforcement. This material is highly efficient, a natural insulator, and allows for thermal exchange.

Color pigmentation can be added to the Hemp Adobe mix to yield for example the triangle outer frames in white for light reflectivity and black for the water filled thermal mass base for light absorption thus assisting the management and optimization of light in the greenhouse environment.

Benefits of Hemp Adobe©™

Fire Proof
Pest Proof (no Termites)
Water proof
Clean Air  (no toxic out gassing) 
Thermal Mass Insulation
No Mold
No Dry Rot
No Waste
100% Recyclable for zero land fill
Negative Carbon
Low Density
High Thermal Resistance
High Thermal Inertia
Vapor Permeable (breathable)
Design Flexibility (adjustable thickness)
Significantly Reduce Co2 Emissions
Inherently Airtight
Low Air Infiltration

Why Hemp Adobe©™ Naturally

The deforestation on this planet is a serious situation in which this next generation building material offers a solution to utilize an ancient building material in ways that is harmonious with nature and not against her.  By using Hemp as a natural building material, it gives our farmers a new crop to grow for uses without the need for petrochemicals.   It can be grown and harvested up to 4 cycles in certain regions. It cleans our air and reduces harmful radiation levels on our planet. This lessens the footprint caused by conventional construction methods and means.

Hemp, as many know, has many spin-offs as a base material to synthesize from and as a raw material to utilize in all aspects of consumer products. Best thing is it’s non-toxic in its various forms.  

Translucent Triangular Light Panels

The Hemp Adobe©™ triangle frames are sandwiched between clear nontoxic translucent polycarbonate sheets that allow excellent light transmission and diffusion for the growing environment.   The triangular frames can be adapted to air vent openings at the top of the dome as well as reflective white panels such as on the north side of the dome to reflect the winter sunlight.  You can even have a non-diffused clear picture window in one of the triangles if preferred.    



Easy Assembly
Unlike other geodesic kits which require the tedious assembly of a rib and hub structure of wood and metal brackets
in which each triangle must be fastened with screws and then sealed to be water tight.

Our unique copyrighted design requires only a single bolt which combines the hexagonal and pentagonal
male and female edges together into a strong unit construction which is easily assembled


Superior Insulation
In order to be able to grow plants where temperatures fluctuate widely it is critically important that the plants are insulated from these extremes.  Polyethylene vinyl has an R-value of less than 1 whereas 5 wall polycarbonate sheets have an R-value of slightly less than 3.   When you compare this to our R-value of 40 you can see that plants could be grown in Siberia with our domes or the states that have very cold snowy winters in the US.

Typical R-Values and Light Transmittance of Selected Greenhouse Covering Materials

Glazing Material

U Value

R Value

% Visible

IR Thermal

Avg Cost
Sq Ft ($)

Single Pane Glass







Single Ply Polyethylene







Double Ply Polyethylene







Single Wall Polycarbonate







Twin Wall Polycarbonate







IRAC Inner, Poly Outer








Thermal Mass
Another critical factor in protecting plants from the extreme swings in temperature is thermal mass.  Some of the competition addresses this important factor to yield a favored growing environment by putting a water tank using pool liner on the north end of the dome which consumes valuable plant growing space in order to provide thermal mass.
Our design not only multiplies the volume of the thermal mass several times it also conducts this stable temperature of the water connected right to the growing beds on the perimeter of the dome where it does the most to keep the plants at a stable temperature.   The attractive curved surface of the base sections yields a large dark surface area during the warmth of daytime to conduct that to the plants at night and then conduct the cool of the night to the plants during the warmth of the day.    Small vents on the interior of the base sections provide added humidity to the dome as well.

Snap on Summer Shield

The black base affords maximum absorption of the sun's heat during the winter months to keep the plants warm at night. During the summer a silver shield snaps in place over the black base to reflect the sun's rays with an insulated air space allowing the plants to enjoy the transference of the cooler night temperatures during the hot day

Growing Plant Bed Options

The interior will have available either optional standard earth growing beds or ideally suited to the Food Biosphere environment is the highly efficient Aquaponic System where the plant and fish tanks can be constructed out of the same material and attached to the interior walls of the dome for a turn key aquaponic growing operation including pumps and plumbing. All you do is add the fish and plants and this symbiotic system uses 90% less water and plants grow twice as fast.


Size of 30 foot diameter dome doorway to 6 foot man

Shelters for Humans

These same exact domes when made from white opaque material rather than the clear translucent, can also serve as shelters for people. The domes can be configured to any size. Our first models will be offered in 18 and 30 foot diameter sizes.

Made in USA.


Beauty of design from patterning after Nature

Humans and plants are carbon based life forms and therefore resonate you could say with the geometry of the element carbon.

Carbon is the first and lightest Group IV Element, and a primary Organic Element. It is created by Nuclear Fusion in stars, and is universally incorporated into Living Systems as the primary structural Element here on this planet.

A Fullerene is a carbon compound that is made up of pentagonal and hexagonal faces. Fullerenes consist of even numbers of carbon atoms. Fullerenes derive their name from the American architect R. Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic dome design is similar to the molecular structure of C60. Buckminster fullerene, or buckyball, is the name applied to C60 itself.

The structure of C60 is extremely stable; every carbon vertex (at the junction of one pentagon and two hexagons) is identical, resulting in an equal distribution of bonding strains. The molecule can withstand very high pressures, yet its stable, spherical structure is maintained. This is the reason for the incredible strength of a geodesic dome.

Our very DNA is structured by pentagonal and hexagonal forms. The Golden Mean or the ratio of 1.618 in the pentagonal structure is seen in all living systems. It is the mathematics that reveals the infinite nature of the universe, whereas this ratio can harmoniously replicate itself fractally into infinity. The hexagonal structure replicates itself in the ratio of 1.732 and is the geometry found in water.

In mimicking these mathematical processes of nature in our design, the pentagonal and hexagonal hubs are formed in a precise fractal harmonic dimension of the larger pentagonal and hexagonal sections.

The result is a structure that is not only pleasing to the eye as a beautiful jewel, but you could say is resonate with the geometries of the primary element of carbon within us and the plants we grow for food in this ideal biosphere environment.

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