The Need

Today people are becoming increasing aware that life sustaining food sources are becoming not only expensive but
the quality and availablity to secure individual health for the future is becoming slowly threathened.

In a world dominated by food and agricultural industry corporations that offer continually rising costs, not only to individuals, but costs to our environment as well, many are seeking alternatives to liberate themselves and merge into a new paradigm of greater freedom, based on responsible choices for themselves and thier families.

The Reasons for the need

Cost of Food
Prices continually increase making food when available unaffordable to many

Food Contamination
Pesticides - GMO - Chemical additives - Radiation - E.coli – etc.

Crop Failures
Severe weather leading to food shortages

Most importantly people sense the need to have a sustainable food source for
their family and move toward self-sufficiency in food production

Provide Quality Food
Organic homegrown food yields optimal nutritional value and fresh picked flavor

The Green Movement
Trend to eat local and grow your own